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Thanks for posting this very enjoyable review. It just so happens my first 35mm SLR camera was a Nikon FE, in black. I’ve always thought the Zfc was more like the FE than the FM (with a touch of Nikon FA thrown in). I’m seriously thinking of ordering a Zfc in black, partially for nostalgia’s sake but also to replace my aging D7000 while stepping into the Z mount.

I still have a collection of Ai-S lenses purchase back in the 1980’s, so I’m really curious to hear your thoughts on the Zhongyi speed booster. There is a fairly positive review of this adapter on YT posted by The CameraVille, so it does look promising.

Thanks again for a fun review!

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Ps. Illustrations made with my very old Zeiss 120 Makro Planar on a Hasselblad 503CX with CFV ii 50c back.

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