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I've been a loyal Pentax user of 35 mm and then digital since the late 1970's. While I haven't loved everything about their cameras, especially the DSLRs, I've only had two lenses out of 20+ give me problems and both were fixed quickly and stayed fixed. The only catastrophic issue with digital body was with their first one--the *istD which didn't have a latch on the memory card slot and the camera would shut down if you somehow nudged the door open. Gaffer tape fixed that. I might well have bought a Nikon FM instead of the Pentax MX that I ended up with if the Nikon hadn't turned on its meter with the winding lever. I am left eyed and having that ever stuck in my right eye every time I took a meter reading was a non starter. If I had had the repeated issues with Pentax that you had with Nikon I would have switched.

It is interesting how much we are willing to adapt to tools for the sake of the end result. Over the psst few years I have been shooting film in 1930's and 1950's Contax cameras and Zeiss and Nikkor lenses. The cameras are not an ergonomic triumph but the lenses make it worth the effort.

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